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Messenger Bags


Horizon can create the perfect Gear Bag to match your corporate or retail environment! Varied construction from the simple to complex. Private label closures, decorations and functional attachments are available.


Backpacks Gears Totes


Backpacks, gears, totes and carry-alls of all kinds…that's our specialty! We are experts in construction, materials, design and logo application. Let Horizon design unique features and create added value to any product...putting your private label at the top of the list for customer demand!


Business Cases


Our business cases and totes have fashion and function! With beautiful materials, extra features, pockets and accessories, we will create collections that reflect the quality you want to project. Long lasting products created with expertise just for YOU!


Travel Case


For retail, promotion, gifts or events, Horizon can create the perfect travel or cosmetic bag just for you! With special materials, decoration, liners, compartments or mirrors available, let Horizon design the perfect bag for you!


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