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Eco-Friendly - Re-Usable Bags 
Eco-Friendly - Re-Usable Bags

Horizon Designs is committed to providing the best Re-Usable Bags on the market…added feature, quality and function. Our ECO-FRIENDLY BAGS help preserve natural resources and reduce the environmental negative impact to 500 billion plastic bags used every year! Long lasting fashionable bags that can carry your message that you care about our world! Material choices are non woven poly, laminated woven and non woven PP, polyester, jute and more sized to your specification! Let Horizon design the perfect SHOPPING BAGS JUST FOR YOU! Perfect to RETAIL or use to increase your promotional impact and marketing…Gift with Purchase or Special reduced price with purchase. Call us today to explore how CUSTOM RE-USABLE Bags can give you the competitive advantage over the competition.



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